About Us

Our company has poultry houses in Afyon/Bolvadin and its commerce with CP based on Afyon continues since 1998 . Our farm includes 2, 70000 capacity poultry houses, 1 Egg collection facility, a 70000 capacity chick poultry house and a feed factory. Our poultry houses are under periodical control of veterinarians.

We produce Bolvadin bulk eggs, Natural Eggs, Jumbo Eggs and Selenium Eggs in our facilities.

Our Total Quality Management policy is enforced with complete cooperation and coordination from management to employees; from quality departments to suppliers. We embrace providing the highest quality at the most affordable prices as a corporate principle.In line with our policy of providing services in healthy, hygienic conditions to our customers, Bolvadin Egg Production Facilities comply with the conditions of ISO 9001:2000 (Quality Management System) and ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management System) and are certified by WCS ( World Certification Services).

Bolvadin Yumurta distributes its delicious and healthy eggs in hygienic and healthy manner all over Turkey, with emphasis on Marmara region with its fleet of 8 vehicles.Bolvadin Yumurta produces 650,000,000 eggs annually in its 72,000 m2 closed area on a field of 360,000 m2.

Established in 1989, Bolvadin Yumurta has worked with many large and medium sized companies in the sector for over 21 years.